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This information came from this post on the sf-lug mailing list:


Computer A is the proxy, the machine we wish to tunnel through. Machine B is the client who wishes to tunnel through A.

robert@B:~$ ssh -D9999 robert@A
robert@A's password:
Last login: Tue Nov 10 09:34:55 2009 from

That is it! Just let the login sit there. Machine B now has a local socket which is proxying through machine A. Now you can configure your socks client

Browser SOCKS configuration

Once you have your tunnel created, you need to give your browser the following configuration directives :

  • SOCKS host: localhost port: 9999

Firefox also defaults to SOCKS v5 and No Proxy for localhost, - neither of these settings appear to cause any problems


If you are able to access pages with your browser after configuring the SOCKS parameters, you are now pulling the pages through your tunnel! You can verify this by visiting one of these "what is my ip" websites:

You should be showing up with the IP of machine A in our example

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